15th Annual Birthday FUNraiser

This year we celebrate the 15th birthday of Kinnect with our annual FUNraiser on October 2, 2020 at Red Space Cleveland on Superior Road in Cleveland. The evening will include a celebration of the growth and success of the organization, as well as music, food, drinks, casino games, and an auction. The FUNraiser is our signature annual event attended by new and long-time supporters of Kinnect’s mission to find permanent families for all children who experience foster care.
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What is Kinnect?

At Kinnect, we envision a child welfare system in Ohio where:

  • Foster care is a temporary or short-term option
  • Children and families are empowered to find solutions to the problems they face
  • Direct service providers and social workers can establish and maintain a culture of innovation and excellence
  • All stakeholders prioritize permanency in each decision made on behalf of a child and their family

We believe that childhood is a fundamental human right, and that every day for a child in foster care is a day in crisis. We envision a world where families, agencies, resources – and children – work together so that every child is loved and nurtured in a permanent chosen family. We develop partnerships that transform beliefs, values, and actions to achieve permanency for all children in the shortest time possible. We’ve been advancing this mission since 2005 (as Waiting Child Fund).

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The power of kinship

The Kinnect Approach places kinship at the heart of the effort to help children in need find their permanent family. Foster care should be short-term and temporary. By partnering with other members of a child’s extended family, we can minimize disruption and help the family thrive.

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