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What is Kin?

Kinnect honors two definitions of kin.

First, the child welfare system relies on the legal definition of kin, as interpreted by the Ohio Administrative Code:

Individuals related by blood or adoption to the child, including grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, first cousins and first cousins once removed, stepparents and stepsiblings, spouses and former spouses of individuals previously listed, legal guardians, and legal custodians.

Second, we recognize that each of us relies on a network of chosen family—blood relatives, close friends, and other loved ones who support us physically, emotionally, and financially.

The long-term health and quality of life of any individual, and especially of children who have experienced the trauma of having been removed from home, depends on staying connected to a supportive network of kin.


How do Kinnect’s 30 Days to Family® Ohio Specialists collaborate with county child welfare workers to support children in care?

The county child welfare worker investigates allegations of abuse, neglect, and dependency to ensure the safety of the child, and works with the adults involved to develop and implement a plan that will increase safety and reduce risk for the child.

The 30 Days to Family® Specialist conducts an extensive search to locate and notify all known relatives and non-related kin of a child that has joined a foster family due to concerns of abuse, neglect, or dependency; assesses family members to determine which kin have the ability, resources, and willingness to care for the child; and helps to build a supportive network of kin who can provide a stable, loving home for that child.

The county worker is ultimately responsible for developing the final plan to ensure the child’s physical and emotional safety. The 30 Days to Family® Ohio Specialist focuses on family search and engagement to support that worker to find the best solution for the child.


What is Kinnect’s political affiliation?

Kinnect is a non-partisan organization.


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